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Ed Rush's Home Page

Hello Friends, Scouts, and Fellow Students,

Welcome to my home page! I build web pages as a hobbie. By day I work as a Lead Staff Engineer and Auditor in the Quality Assessment Department at Hope Creek and Salem Nuclear Generating Sation in New Jersey. I really enjoy camping, canoeing, and hiking as a leader in the Boy Scouts. I serve as Lodge Web Site Advisor for Apatukwe Lodge 107, Order of the Arrow. So, that is what got me into designing web sites. Now I have been building many websites on my on and I have taken several classes. There is so much to learn about building websites.

My Favorite Links:
Hope Creek Generating Station - My Nuclear Plant
USS Birmingham SSN 695 - My Submarine
PSE&G - My Company
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Some Websites I Built:
Bike Trek - Adventure of Lifetime - BSA
ABC's of Scouting - BSA
The Rushes Family Web Pages
Atlantic Hurricanes Jr. Drum and Bugle Corps!
Pennsville Memorial High School Eagle Marching Band
Apatukwe Lodge 107 - Our Lodge Web Page
American Trailbazers - Future Business Website (under construction)
B.S.A, Troop 15 From Pennsville,NJ Web Site (under construction)

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